Veggies lasagna with mozzarella di bufala

Usually a white lasagna is made with bechamel and ragù, but there are many other variants that include also vegetables.

So this recipe is also perfect for vegetarian since it is made with veggies and mozzarella di bufala. Moreover you can start from this recipe as a base to create your own lasagna changing vegetables or using a different cheese such as fontina cheese.


– 750g of carrots and zucchini (The weight refers to the veggies already cooked)

– 230g of peas

– 300g of mozzarella di bufala

– 8 sfogliavelo egg pasta

– evo oil and parmesan cheese just enough


First wash and cut carrots and zucchini and cook them in a cooking pan with a spoon of evo oil and a pinch of salt. Then let them cool and mix them with the peas. 


Into a baking tin covered with parchement paper, put, in the order, 2 sfogliavelo (or a different amount, depending on the dimensions of your baking tin) at the base, a layer of veggies, parmesan cheese (I’d be generous ;P ), 100g of mozzarella di bufala and a spoon of oil (especially on the corners of the pasta to prevent them from getting too dry in the oven).



Repeat this step layering all the ingredients until you run out of all of them. Finish the lasagna with a layer of sfogliavelo egg pasta, a spoon of evo oil and a lot of parmesan cheese.


Cover the tin with a sheet of tinfoil to help the lasagna cooking well without getting burnt. 

Bake it in the pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for 30-35 minutes (take the tinfoil sheet off for the last 5-10 minutes in order to get crispy on top).


Livia Rapini



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