IMPOSSIBLE FOODS: the food you have never tasted!

Ever heard of vegan burgers? Most probably you have and you have even tried one. Do they really taste like a juicy meaty hamburger? I guess not.

To make things clear I’m not against veganism at all. I’m not a vegan myself, but I sometimes do like eating a plant-based meal and I absolutely love this kind of cuisine, even though I feel I need meat to sustain my body. I’m pretty sure there are other people like me out there, who do not want to give up on a nutritious dish but are aware of the downsides of meat.

I’ve got you covered!

The solution to this dilemma is Impossible Foods, a Californian startup which after years of study and research has created a plant-based burger that actually tastes as real juicy meat.


It all started with one goal in mind: no compromise between craving for meat and caring for the planet.  The team spent five years to thoroughly research the right texture, the aroma, the smell of a juicy bite of burger and then set out to look for vegan ingredients that could exactly reproduce everything a real burger patty has. They made it and now you can taste their Impossible Burger in different locations across the US.


What are the benefits of this choice?

  • Save water
  • Spare land for wildlife
  • Create less greenhouse gases
  • More health for you (this plant-based meat is hormones-, antibiotics-free and contains no artificial ingredients)
  • A better future for the generations to come.

And you don’t even have to renounce to taste! On its website the startup reveals that the “secret” ingredient to make a gloriously delicious vegan burger is heme, a natural product responsible for making the meat so juicy giving it its peculiar smell and sizzle.


For now they have worked on burgers, but their aim is very challenging: “transform the global food system by inventing better ways to make the foods we love, without compromise”. In other words they want to do the impossible and keep discovering healthy new ingredients from nature. As a matter of fact, the team of scientists is currently working on dairies and other types of meat. As previously said, they are now only available in selected restaurants in the US, but their plan is first to expand nationally and then internationally in the following years.

I’m already carving for their vegan but tasty foods to be available here in the old continent!

Francesca Freschi



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