Vitel tonnè

When summer has finally come and the temperature is quite good, my mum always proposes me to cook together a fresh but rich dish: Vitel Tonnè.


Yes i know it sounds French, but trust me, it’s a dialectal form of Italian for Vitello Tonnato. It’s a typical recipe from Piedmont and it’s usually served as a starter: basically it’s a carpaccio of veal meat with a rich tuna sauce.

Ingredients (for 4 persons):

– 700 grams of veal meat (eye round is recommended), in Italy we use “Magatello”

– 1 onion

– 1 carrot

– 1 clove

– 1 bay lead

For the tuna sauce:

– 200 grams canned tuna

– 2 eggs

– a few capers

– lemon juice

– corn oil

– white vinegar

– mustard


Take a pot high enough to contain the meat covered with water. Add the carrot and the onion. Add the bay and the clove.

Let the meat cook for one and a half to two hours. To prevent the meat from getting dry put a lid onto the pot and also be prepared to add some hot water if needed.

After the indicated cooking time, take out the meat and let it cool off completely.

For the tuna sauce put into a bowl the tuna without its oil, two hard-boiled egg yolks, a few capers, a teaspoon of white vinegar, a pinch of mustard and the juice of half lemon.

Blend everything with a mixer or cutter and pour the corn oil until it becomes a smooth creamy sauce.

For the final preparation, cut the meat in thin slices and lay them on a serving dish. Cover completely with the sauce and spread a few capers on the top as decoration.



Sometimes I use turkey instead of veal, just to make it lighter. The taste doesn’t change too much. On the contrary, some people prefer this version!

In the tuna sauce you can add also some anchovies if you like them. (the real recipe wants them).

Greta Scacchi



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