Massimo Bottura at Al Mèni

Massimo Bottura gathered together with some of the greatest intenational chefs to celebrate Emilia Romagna, the region of the world’s best chef

Taste Of Success

Find out how Italy is keeping up with excellence standards in world cuisine and food industry through its most renowned schools in the field.

Bliss Balls

Breakfast with these nut-free, oil-free coconut balls makes you start the day on a good note. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with these gems just as much as we did!

Cocoa Coconut Biscuits

This is a very quick and easy recipe to make some cocoa coconut biscuits in 5 minutes!

Orecchiette Pugliesi

Orecchiette, literally “little ears”, is a traditional type of home-made pasta typical of the Apulia region. Check out the recipe!

Real Food Challenge

This new philosophy, as their proponents call it, is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. Find out more about the most recent nutritional trend!

Save: Reducing Food Waste

Combining organic animal feed production and food waste recycling, Save is a new Italian startup that we greatly admire. We’re sure you will too, so go ahead and read more about it!

The Sacred Sunday Brunch

To use Tirelli’s metaphor, brunch is the extreme exacerbation of a de-structured meal that transfers into gastronomic terms what Pollock’s abstract expressionism has brought about in modern art.

Food That Looks Like The Organ It Cures

Renaissance physician Paracelsus put in relation fruit and vegetable shapes with the human organs that each of these foodstuffs is able to cure. Let’s see which they are!