Tuna Tomato Salad Wrap

Hey guys, I am heading to the last class of the week (yeah!) and I thought it would be the perfect moment to start my new series of posts, Packed lunch ideas!

It is striking to see how most Dutch people bring their our sandwich from home every day! I guess that one of the reasons is that, even though the options at the university cafeteria are healthier than the standards, they can be quite expensive (4-5 € for a complete meal). By preparing it at home, you can save up to half the amount of money you would spend (around 60 €), which you can use to travel, do shopping, or whatever activity you like. Sounds like a deal?

In addition to that, you will avoid endless queues, thus being able to enjoy the whole lunch break with your friends 🙂

Unfortunately, I must admit I am the kind of person always rushing out in the morning, and I can be really lazy in the evening as well. Therefore, finding the time to prepare my lunch is always a struggle. However, I found a good solution. On Sunday, before the week starts, I prepare all the main ingredients I will use for my packed lunches (rice, cutting vegetables, cooking chicken or eggs, etc), so that I just have to quickly assemble them during breakfast every morning.

Getting back to my packed lunch, let’s starts with the snacks! I prepared:

– 1 walnuts yoghurt

– 1 small apple

– grapes

Since most of the days I am spending my afternoon at the university, I always bring some extra pieces of fruit in case I get hungry (and I always do!). I normally eat the youghurt at mid-morning, one fruit after lunch and the remaining in the mid-afternoon.


For the real lunch, I made a tuna tomato salad wrap! 

You need:

–  1 tomato 

– 4 leaves of roman lettuce

– 1 canned tuna 

– hummus/pesto sauce

1 tortilla


1) grill the tortilla in a sauce pan until it gets a little bit crispy

2) spread hummus or pesto sauce all over

3) layer all the remaining ingredients on top in this order: lettuce, tomatoes in pieces and tuna

4) wrap the tortilla as tight as you can

Enjoy! 🙂


by Martina Poletti

Find more at Learn Sing Eat Travel Laugh


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